Orfina Ceramic

Orfina Ceramic

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Digital Wall Tiles, Wall Tiles, Ceramic Wall Tiles Manufacturers in Morbi, India

Orfina ceramic an Ahmadabad based company situated in the district of Morbi is one of the most leading and developing tile manufacturing company. We at orfina ceramics have mastered our skills in manufacturing specialized digital wall tiles which are available to our customers for various sizes, shapes and at an affordable range. 

As a client oriented company clients satisfaction plays an important role and hence all possible measure are been taken to fulfill it. With high level of knowledge and experience in this field we only hire professional and well experienced laborers and skillful employees that handle machines and produce the best flawless product. A specialized team is also hired that keeps ion check of the products that are manufactured.

The inspection team checks the product manufactured by keeping a constant eye on each level of production. We have also developed an extremely breathtaking huge infrastructure at Indian tiles hub Morbi Gujarat, with the best of technologies and our workplace segregated in to areas where proper packaging R&D warehousing quality testing etc is done.

Additionally we also organize various training sessions and seminars so that we keep on increasing our quality products and minimize our faults and defects. The most distinctive feature about our company is that we use the best quality of machines and raw materials hence the products produced are of optimum quality, moreover the tiles produced by us are crack resistant, durable and have an attractive design which are easy to be installed also. As we only specialize on digital wall tiles we also offer wide range of products and designs which are not only supplied throughout India but also exported in various countries that include Nepal, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman and many more.
A tile is a manufactured piece of material which is made up of either stone, clay, metal or even glass which has its applications for the covering of floors, rooftops or any such objects such as table tops. Customized printed tiles are also known as digital wall tiles. 

These digital wall tiles were earlier used only in kitchens and bathrooms but due to our advancement in the customization of the tiles, the digital wall tiles are also used in living rooms and bed room due to its eye catchy looks. These tiles are been used not only for their attractive looks, but because of their long last strengths which keeps the house long last altogether and hence we at orfina ceramics have also come up with the increasing demands of the digital wall tiles by manufacturing tiles of different shapes sizes colors and customized requirements.

With the help of digital printing technology we can actually print anything on the tiles be it a picture of a boy playing football or any basic design too. There are various types of digital tiles that include the marble tiles and wooden tiles which have seen to be most popular. The various sizes of digital wall tiles and ceramic wall tiles offered by us include 300*600 digital wall tile, 300*450 digital wall tile, 300*450 wall tiles and 300*600 wall tiles.